On a state level, junior memberships are available for any young person from birth through their 22nd birthday. The Missouri Junior Hereford Association is widely recognized across the country for its strength in both numbers and enthusiasm. One of the greatest events of the year is the Junior National Hereford Expo where members across the state level travel across the country to meet up with other junior members across America and Canada. Missouri members enjoy camaraderie among each other, the 1200+ entry Hereford show and many contests and events throughout the week-long activity. The junior association holds several meetings throughout the year and many fun activities planned for junior members and their families. We hope you will be come a member today!

Please send your $15 annual dues to:

(dues must be paid by April 1)

Taylor Miller
20500 Sioux Drive
Lebanon, MO 65536

Download membership application

Download MJHA By-laws

January 2019 Report to MHA Board

2019-2020 MJHA Officer Team

President: Rachael Bagnell
Slater, Missouri

Vice President: Jacob Toombs
Fair Play, Missouri

Secretary: Isacc Rhode
Stewartsville, Missouri

Treasurer: Taylor Miller
Lebanon, Missouri

Reporter: Haleigh Ferguson
Smithton, Missouri

Fundraising Chair: Aiden Kleinman
Wentworth, Missouri

Director: Connor Bolch
Platte City, Missouri

Director: Phillip Mueller
Perryville, Missouri

Director: Will Hendricks
Republic, Missouri


Jeff and Susan Rhode
7765 NW Hwy NN
Stewartsville, MO 64490
816-261-4819 Jeff Cell
816-261-4821 Susan Cell

Brad and Shannon Mueller
2045 PCR 520
Perryville, MO 63775

Eddie and Mary Roth
1178 NE Hwy J
Windsor, MO 65360


A BIG THANK YOU to the Missouri Hereford breeders that contributed to the purchase of MJHA’s consignment Lot 36 for $3,550 at the 2019 Missouri Opportunity Sale in December. These breeders have generously donated the heifer back to the MJHA to continue producing calves that will be sold annually to raise funds for our organization.

Another BIG THANK YOU to the Trent McMillen family at McMillen’s Toothacre Ranch, Walnut Grove, MO, for taking this female home to be part of their herd, and breed, calve and maintain her for the MJHA through her productive years.

Missouri Hereford breeders that donated to the purchase of the heifer include:

Abrakadabra Cattle Co., Columbia, MO
Aufdenberg Polled Herefords, Jackson, MO
Belzer Farms, Browning, MO
Biglieni Farms, St. Louis, MO
Bonebrake Herefords, Springfield, MO
Bourbeuse Bend Herefords, Beaufort, MO
Crutsinger Hereford Farm, Whitewater, MO
Gregory Polled Herefords, Houstonia, MO
High Prairie Farms, Fair Grove, MO
Cody Lowderman, Macomb, IL
McMillen’s Toothacre Ranch, Walnut Grove, MO
Menzies Cattle Co. LLC, Marshfield, MO
Miller Herefords, Lebanon, MO
Mueller Farms, Perryville, MO
Phillips-Renner Farms, Richmond, MO
Reynolds Herefords, Huntsville, MO
Shingle Oaks Polled Herefords, Waterloo, IL
Trailwood Cattle Co., Springfield, MO
WMC Cattle Co., Wasola, MO

Another BIG THANK YOU to the Gary Wood family, Civil Bend Herefords, Maysville, MO, for providing a home for Lot 36 and her mother for many years, as well as preparing her for and bringing her to the sale in Sedalia. We truly appreciate your years of support of the MJHA!

MJHA News & Notes 

All 2020 MJHA dues should be paid by April 1.  Please mail a check, payable to the Missouri Junior Hereford Association, to MJHA treasurer Taylor Miller, 20500 Souix Drive, Lebanon, MO 65536. Your dues must be paid by April 1 to be eligible for the MJHA Outstanding Member awards, which are voted on by all members at the state fair and awarded in December at the Missouri Hereford Association banquet.

If you plan to participate in contests at the JNHE, please let Susan Rhode know ASAP. Many deadlines for individual contests are in April and May, so check the AHA website and get those dates on the calendar. We will have state-level contests for all age divisions of Illustrated public speaking, team fitting and Hereford bowl contests on June 12 in Sedalia. Watch the MJHA Facebook page for times and locations for these contests. If you plan to compete on a grill-off team, please have your team members recruited and know what recipe you plan to enter by the June meeting.

The MJHA showmanship contest will be Friday, June 12, at 6 pm in Sedalia. Participants must be dues-paid members before the start of the contest. Members will compete in peewee, junior, intermediate and senior age divisions as outlined by the AHA. All participants must show a Hereford heifer in the contest. Contact any of the MJHA board or advisors when you get to the show to sign up.

MJHA fundraising chair, Aidan Kleinman, is gathering items for the Missouri state basket that the MJHA will donate to the HYFA silent auction at JNHE.  Half of the profits from the sale of the basket come back to the MJHA. If you would like to donate or help Aidan gather donations, contact him or any of the advisors.

Missouri plans to participate this year in the state tailgate at the JNHE. We will finalize a food to serve and other plans at the June meeting. Families that would like to help with this event should contact Kyla Waters, who serves as our adult tailgate chair.

According to the MJHA bylaws, which can be viewed on the junior section of the Missouri Hereford website, anyone interested in serving as MJHA advisors must be nominated during the MJHA meeting in June. Nominees will be presented to the MHA board for approval, and then voted on by the membership at the MJHA meeting at the state fair in August. If you—or someone you know—is interested in serving as advisors,  we encourage you to contact any of the current advisors to learn more about responsibilities and commitments for the role.

Please “Like” and follow the Missouri Junior Hereford Association Facebook page to stay up-to-date with deadlines and information about upcoming MJHA activities. If you have questions, please reach out to your MJHA advisors, Eddie & Mary Roth, Brad & Shannon Mueller and Jeff & Susan Rhode.  Contact information for all advisors is available on the junior page of the Missouri Hereford website.  We are here to help!

2020 MJHA Events

MJHA 2020 Dues Payments to Taylor Miller, April 1

Missouri Cattlemen’s All-Breeds Junior Show, June 12-13, Sedalia, MO

MJHA State-Level Contests (illustrated public speaking, team fitting, Hereford bowl) June 12, Sedalia, MO

MJHA Showmanship Contest, June 12, Sedalia, MO

MJHA Membership Meeting, June 13, Sedalia, MO

Junior National Hereford Expo, July 11-18, Louisville, KY

Missouri State Fair 4-H/FFA Hereford Show, August 15, Sedalia, MO

MJHA Membership Meeting, August 15, Sedalia, MO

MJHA Membership Meeting, December 6, Sedalia, MO

Scholarship Opportunities (applications must be postmarked by October 15)

Missouri Hereford Association Scholarship

Download MHA Scholarship Cover Page

Download MHA Application – PDF

Download MHA Application – Word

Missouri Junior Hereford Association Scholarship

Download MJHA Scholarship Cover Page

Download MJHA Application – PDF

Download MJHA Application – Word


Missouri Hereford Association

Matt Reynolds – Secretary/Treasurer
1071 C.R. 1231
Huntsville, MO 65259

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