On a state level, junior memberships are available for any young person from birth through their 22nd birthday. The Missouri Junior Hereford Association is widely recognized across the country for its strength in both numbers and enthusiasm. One of the greatest events of the year is the Junior National Hereford Expo where members across the state level travel across the country to meet up with other junior members across America and Canada. Missouri members enjoy camaraderie among each other, the 1200+ entry Hereford show and many contests and events throughout the week-long activity. The junior association holds several meetings throughout the year and many fun activities planned for junior members and their families. We hope you will become a member today!

Annual Dues $15

Taylor Miller
20500 Sioux Drive
Lebanon, MO 65536

(dues must be paid by April 1)

Upcoming Meeting

Saturday, June 10, 2022 in Sedalia, MO
30 minutes following the completion of the MJCA show

2021-2022 MJHA Officer Team

President: Isaac Rhode
Stewartsville, Missouri

Vice President: Haleigh Ferguson
Smithton, Missouri

Secretary: Tory Miller
Lebanon, Missouri

Treasurer: Taylor Miller
Lebanon, Missouri

Reporter: Will Hendricks
Republic, Missouri

Fundraising Chair: Gavin Rhode
Stewartsville, Missouri

Co-Fundraising Chair: Kristin Waters
Norborne, Missouri

Director: Kinleigh Bolin
Walnut Grove, Missouri

Director: Cade Shepherd
Mt. Vernon, Missouri

Advisor Team

Scholarship Opportunities


Make One New Friend Every Day

One of the benefits of showing Herefords and being active in the Missouri Junior Hereford Association is the people you meet and relationships you build along your journey. A long-time friend of mine in the Hereford business always challenged the juniors in her state to make one new friend every day when they were at Hereford shows and events. This is a good rule to live by no matter where you might be — at the county fair, state preview show, state fair or Junior National Hereford Expo. 

This goal might seem overwhelming at first, but these events offer countless opportunities to connect with both juniors and adults. Here’s a few ideas to get you started:

 –Lend a helping hand to someone unloading their trailer or setting up stalls. 

-Start up a conversation on the wash rack.

-Smile and say hello to others when taking a full pitchfork to the manure pile.

-Keep a deck of cards in the show box and invite others to play.

-Offer to help a fellow exhibitor take their cattle to tie-outs.

-Ask someone about their animal in the line-up area before going into the ring.

-Extend your congratulations to those who win

When the show is over and everyone is back home, connect with new friends via social media to learn more about their friends and family and what they enjoy doing when they are not showing livestock. You may have more in common with your new friends than you realized. 

Years from now when you look back on your time as a junior, you won’t remember how your cattle looked or who won the show. The memories you will treasure will be the time spent and friendships made with people along the way. 

Jeff and Susan Rhode, Missouri Junior Hereford Association Advisors