On a state level, junior memberships are available for any young person from birth through their 22nd birthday. The Missouri Junior Hereford Association is widely recognized across the country for its strength in both numbers and enthusiasm. One of the greatest events of the year is the Junior National Hereford Expo where members across the state level travel across the country to meet up with other junior members across America and Canada. Missouri members enjoy camaraderie among each other, the 1200+ entry Hereford show and many contests and events throughout the week-long activity. The junior association holds several meetings throughout the year and many fun activities planned for junior members and their families. We hope you will become a member today!

Annual Dues $15

Taylor Miller
20500 Sioux Drive
Lebanon, MO 65536

(dues must be paid by April 15)

Upcoming Meeting

MJCA Show – Sedalia, MO
Saturday, June 10
30 minutes following the conclusion of the Hereford show

2022-2023 MJHA Officer Team

President: Gavin Rhode
Stewartsville, Missouri

Vice President: Cade Shepherd
Mt. Vernon, Missouri

Secretary: Tory Miller
Lebanon, Missouri

Treasurer: Taylor Miller
Lebanon, Missouri

Reporter: Kristin Waters
Norborne, Missouri

Fundraising Chair:Kinleigh Bolin
Walnut Grove, Missouri

Co-Fundraising Chair: Mary Grace Warden
Halfway, Missouri

Director: Jorja Ebert
Holt, Missouri

Director: Haleigh Ferguson
Smithton, Missouri

Advisor Team

Marijane and Hayley Miller

20500 Sioux Drive
Lebanon, Missouri 65536

Scholarship Opportunities


The Power of a Thank You

Most of us were taught to say “please” and “thank you” from a very young age. These words show our gratitude for kind gestures that family, friends and even strangers do for us every day. A thank you can be shared in many forms including a written note sent by mail, an email, a text message or words of appreciation delivered in person. There is no right or wrong way to extend your thanks, but a handwritten note is the most traditional way to show your gratitude and typically has the biggest impact on the receiver.

Writing a thank you note can be challenging. Here’s five easy steps to guide you through this process:

  1. Start with a salutation.How formal or informal the note needs to be depends on a few factors. If you’re well acquainted with your recipient, then you may be fine addressing them by their first name. For people you don’t know as well, stick to “ or Mrs. Last name.”
  2. Get right to the point and express your thanks.Mention specifically what you’re thankful for. “Thank you for sponsoring the showmanship trophy at the county livestock show.”
  3. Mention a specific detail or two.Include something that you appreciated or how you’re using the item you received. “My trophy is proudly displayed in our family room as a reminder to work hard to achieve my goals.”
  4. Look ahead.Let them know how their kindness and support has inspired you or others. “I am already practicing for next year’s showmanship contest.”
  5. Wrap it up with more gratitude and a warm sign off.Bring the attention back to where you started. “Thanks again for supporting our youth livestock show. Your kindness is greatly appreciated.” End in a pleasant and friendly tone. Always keep in mind the type of relationship you have with the recipient. “Sincerely” is always a proper way to end.

Your note of thanks can be written on a formal thank you note or a simple piece of paper. Write as neatly and clearly as you can and always go back and read your note before sealing the envelope and dropping it in the mail. Make sure the envelope is addressed properly and don’t forget the stamp.

Your involvement in many activities would not be possible without the generosity of sponsors, volunteers and others who contribute time and resources to youth programs. Be sure they know just how much their kindness is appreciated.

Jeff and Susan Rhode, Missouri Junior Hereford Association Advisors