Hall of Fame Inductees

2023 Inductee

Tom Biglieni

2022 Inductee

Eddie Watson

2022 Inductee

Garry Mistler

2022 Inductee

Don Birk

2021 Inductee

Vince and Pam Kauflin

2020 Inductee

Jim D. Bellis

2019 Inductee

Ed Roth

2018 Inductee

Marty Lueck

2017 Inductees

David Frazer and Wayne Butler

2016 Inductees

James Waters Family and Gary Duvall

2015 Inductee

LeRoy Ruff

2014 Inductee

Robert Gregory

2013 Inductees

Tri-L Polled Herefords and Harold and Anne Day

2012 Inductee

Ken Staten

To gain more knowledge on the history of the Hereford breed, visit the American Hereford Association’s history page at http://www.hereford.org/seedstock/history