Missouri Junior Hereford Association

On a state level, junior memberships are available for any young person from birth through their 22nd birthday. The Missouri Junior Hereford Association is widely recognized across the country for its strength in both numbers and enthusiasm. One of the greatest events of the year is the Junior National Hereford Expo where members across the state level travel across the country to meet up with other junior members across America and Canada. Missouri members enjoy camaraderie among each other, the 1200+ entry Hereford show and many contests and events throughout the week-long activity. The junior association holds several meetings throughout the year and many fun activities planned for junior members and their families. We hope you will be come a member today!

Please send your $15 annual dues to: (dues must be paid by April 1)
Brooklyn Adam
735 SE Wexford Rd
Lathrop, MO 64465

Download membership application

Download MJHA By-laws

2017-2018 MJHA Officer Team

President: Anna Roth
Altenburg, Missouri

Vice President: Shelby Bagnell
Slater, Missouri

Secretary: Dalton Reynolds
Huntsville, Missouri

Treasurer: Brooklyn Adam
Lathrop, Missouri

Reporter: Jacob Toombs
Fair Play, Missouri

Fundraising Chair: Rachael Bagnell
Slater, Missouri

Directors: Connor Bolch
Platte City, Missouri

Directors: Phillip Mueller
Perryville, Missouri

Directors: Issac Rhode
Gower, Missouri


Jeff and Susan Rhode
7765 NW Hwy NN
Stewartsville, MO 64490
816-261-4819 Jeff Cell
816-261-4821 Susan Cell

Brad and Shannon Mueller
2045 PCR 520
Perryville, MO 63775

Eddie and Mary Roth
1178 NE Hwy J
Windsor, MO 65360


The MJHA will meet in conjunction with the Missouri Cattlemen’s Association All-Breeds Junior Show on Saturday, June 9, 2018, at the Missouri State Fairgrounds in Sedalia. The meeting will be in the sale ring at the youth building, and will start 30 minutes after the completion of the Hereford show. All members and parents should attend.

Attention Junior Hereford Families!!!

Please take note of additions to the schedule for Hereford exhibitors at the MCA All-Breeds Junior Show in Sedalia. Many of these activities are to prepare for the Junior National Hereford Expo in Grand Island, Neb.  All events take place on the fairgrounds. We look forward to seeing you in Sedalia!

Friday, June 8

Afternoon        MJHA Fundraiser—ice cream bar sale

Noon to 3 pm   AHA staff will check tattoos on cattle going to JNHE, Hereford Barn

Noon to 5 pm   MJHA Showmanship Contest sign-up, Hereford Barn

1 pm                Hereford Bowl Test, MO Cattlemen’s Beef House

Qualifying test for the Missouri junior and senior division teams at JNHE

Contact Jill Elwing with questions at 314-791-7904 or elwingjill@hotmail.com

2 pm                Illustrated Speaking Contest, MO Cattlemen’s Beef House 

Qualifying contest to compete in junior, intermediate and senior divisions at JNHE

Peewee speakers welcome to give speeches for comments/critique

Contact Susan Rhode with questions at 816-261-4821

6 pm                MJHA Showmanship Contest, location TBD

All Hereford exhibitors–peewee, junior, intermediate or senior divisions

Contact Eddie Roth with questions at 660-351-4126

7:30 pm           Team Fitting Contest, location TBD

Qualifying contest for Missouri team members in peewee, junior and senior divisions

Contestants must provide animal, supplies and equipment to fit and show

Contact Brad Mueller with questions at 573-517-2999

Saturday, June 9

TBD                  MCA Junior Hereford Show, Coliseum

Afternoon        MJHA Fundraiser—ice cream bar sale

After Show       MJHA meeting, Youth Building Sale Ring (30 minutes after show)

Spring Scholarship Applications due April 1
Last year the Hereford Youth Foundation of America awarded $160,000 in college scholarships to deserving NJHA members. Members can apply for 10 scholarships each spring, with applications due April 1. These scholarships will be awarded at the 2018 Junior National Hereford Expo in Grand Island, Neb. All scholarship applications along with letters of reference, transcripts and photos must be filled out and submitted online through the Fluid Review Room at www.hereford.org. Don’t miss this opportunity to be recognized for your academic and Hereford youth involvement, as well as to help finance your college education.

The MJHA dues are $15 per member in 2018. Dues must be paid by April 1, 2018, for members to serve as a state delegate at the JNHE, be a candidate for Outstanding MJHA Member, to vote in elections or receive other awards from the MJHA. They can be paid by mailing them to Brooklyn Adam, MJHA Treasurer, at 735 SE Wexford Rd., Lathrop, MO 64465.

Scholarship Opportunities

Download Investment Scholarship :: cover letter and application

Download MHA Scholarship :: cover letter and application

(applications must be postmarked by October 15)

2018 Junior National Hereford Expo :: July 1 – July 7, 2018

Grand Island, NE







New Process for JNHE Contest Sign-Ups

Please remember to sign-up for pee-wee, junior, intermediate and senior showmanship, pre pee-wee showmanship and the judging contest online at the time you submit your cattle entries for the 2018 Junior National Hereford Expo in Grand Island, Neb. The deadline to register for these contests is June 1.

For all other JNHE contests, MJHA members must sign up by June 1 by contacting Susan Rhode at 816-261-4821 or susan.rhode@yahoo.com. All contest participants will be finalized before the MJHA meeting on June 9 in Sedalia.

States can enter only one contestant of each age division for the illustrated speech contest, one team of three members for the team fitting contest and one junior-age team of four members and one senior-age team of four members for the Hereford Bowl competitions. MJHA members that want to participate in these contests will be required to compete and qualify at the state level before going to the JNHE.

These state competitions will be Friday, June 8, 2018, during the Missouri Cattlemen’s Association All-Breeds Junior Show in Sedalia. Times and locations for these competitions will be determined after June 1. An MJHA advisor will contact all members required to participate in these competitions with more information at that time. Please watch the MJHA Facebook page for additional updates.

Missouri Hereford Association

Matt Reynolds - Secretary/Treasurer
1071 C.R. 1231
Huntsville, MO 65249

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